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OP/PvP/Factions server

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I think that the haven hub should have a OP Pvp server, If you are too busy to work on it flip I will. All it would need is Tim the enchanter factions and really thats it I really love OP servers and i think haven would be more popular if we had one!
I want a OP server
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I dont
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Posted Jan 12, 14 · OP
Yeah I told this to her around 5 months ago
Posted Jan 12, 14
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Its fun but it gets boring super quick ._.)/
Posted Jan 12, 14
I agree, Dadoo has a very nice idea! I know im kinda late on this but if you had an op server you should get hundreds of people on here! If i or somebody else took a video of a OP drop party it will get over 1,000 views which means most of them will probably join this server. When they get bored of Op fac they can enjoy more of haven. Which means flips server might get a little more money put into it. Thumbs up for dadoo!
Posted Feb 8, 14
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